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Thermo Treated Tonewood – Vintage Vibe or Voodoo?

Juha gave a lecture about thermo treatment at HGGS 2014 – enjoy!

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Welcome Mr. Fastfinger!

Working on a very special project ordered by a very special client..! His demands go way beyond our current catalog. We’re doing our very best to capture the process! Not familiar with Mr. Fastfinger? Check him out!

Stay tuned for more! ;-)



Ruokangas at The Holy Grail Guitar Show 2014

Sights and Sounds from The Holy Grail Guitar Show 2014 – enjoy!

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Guitar of the Week

Here you go, some honey dripping pics for ya… ;-) More? See here.



Happy New Year 2015!

The year 2014 was a great success for us, and we want to thank you all for your endless support. We’re humbled and thankful that so many of you have chosen Ruokangas – at the end of the day that is what keeps us going year after year after year!

We are so much looking forward to the coming year 2015 – the Ruokangas Guitars 20th Anniversary!!! ;-)



Juha Ruokangas Interview

Check out Juha’s 45 minute interview by The Guitar Channel, recorded at The Holy Grail Guitar Show 2014!

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Ladies and Gentlemen – the Captain Nemo

“Remember what Bilbo said to Frodo in the book – it’s a dangerous business, Frodo, going out of your door. You step into the Road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there is no knowing where you might be swept off to… That is exactly how I feel of the outcome of this guitar..!” – Juha Ruokangas

What if the electric guitar would have been invented in 1895..? Juha went on an imaginary journey through an alternative past, mashing up actual historic events to science fiction and fantasy. The result surprised the Team Ruokangas not only by how fascinating way history and fantasy entwined together in this design, but also by the outstanding tone of a new invention…

We’re proud to introduce to you the ValveBucker™! More photos here.



Teaser / Holy Grail Guitar Show

Hey you – guitarist, guitar enthusiast, guitar collector, boutique guitar dealer – do not miss this event!

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Holy Grail Content!


Important notification for all our German speaking fans! The German Gitarre & Bass magazine is promoting The Holy Grail Guitar Show in the most wonderful way. They’ve opened recently a dedicated Holy Grail website, where they have already collected a nice compilation of photos and will keep on publishing articles and interviews as the show gets closer. Check out Juha’s interview here – and notice that you can download (for free!) from that page all the Ruokangas articles written in Gitarre & Bass!




Gitarre & Bass / Unicorn Artisan

“As for presence, tone colour and harmonic interaction – with this bridge pickup the Artisan is a tone monster… The Unicorn Artisan belongs to the best of the best… Expensive? Of course, but justified and beyond every doubt worth each Euro.”

– Franz Holtmann / Gitarre & Bass

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Guitar Of The Week

See more photos of this light weight Mojo Grande here!



Tonefest 2014

Tonefest Time!

Welcome to Turenki Tonefest 2014! Notice – the event takes place this year a bit earlier than before – on October 19th! As always, the location is the old Turenki railway station – Turengin Asema. See you there!!!

More info on Turenki Tonefest website.



Bass of the Week

Check out the new “block inlays” for the Steambass! Available as custom option – white striping on rosewood and ebony, or black striping on birch and maple fretboard. See more info and pics about this bass here!



The Holy Grail Guitar Show 2014

The Holy Grail Guitar Show 2014We are excited beyond belief about this unique event. It is without a shadow of doubt the first of its kind in Europe, and in some regards in the whole wide world.

The Holy Grail Guitar Show is a huge leap to the hand made guitar scene in Europe, differentiating the luthier built guitar from the mass produced products. It is a bold statement, and we are honored, yet humbled to be part of this exciting phenomenon.

You – guitarist and guitar enthusiast – do not miss this event!




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